Friday, February 03, 2006

Last night

So, you may have heard by now that I'm no longer DJ-ing at the Salt Lounge. No time to dwell on that though...

Last night was my first Thursday at GT's, and it was great. The club was packed; lot's of dancing and partying. I got a really good response from a lot of people - thanks! People were especially digging a track I played by Tom Vek. I also spun a good 'Madchester' set with some Happy Mondays and Stone Roses, among others; and that got people swaying like Ian Brown. Sweet!

Anyway, if you're thinking about coming out to GT's on a Thursday night, keep in mind that they've got $2 domestic bottles of beer and $2 bar shots all night. That's gotta be the best deal in town! Oh, and I must say, the music's pretty good too.

See ya next week.