Tuesday, March 07, 2006


So I decided to check out the Editors, even after hearing nothing but bad reviews. On first listen, they sound like a blatant rip-off of Interpol; but after a few listens all of their influences become more evident. Doves, Joy Division, the Smiths, U2, and of course the aforementoned dark rockers from NYC.

Really though, if your influences are obvious, and they're good, and then you make a good album that sounds like those artists; I'm fine with that. If you copy the best, you're bound to make something at least half-decent.

The jury's still out on just how good the album is - I haven't listened to it enough. But I can say that all the bad reviews I was hearing were greatly exaggerated. You can listen to a couple of their songs here... www.editorsofficial.co.uk/music.html. Next up on my list of "albums-to-listen-to-that-sound-like-Interpol-at-first" is She Wants Revenge.