Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I picked up the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, "Show Your Bones" yesterday after work. I've listened to it a couple times through already, and it's pretty awesome.

I read a review of the album on Monday that said "Nick Zinner's guitar sounds smaller and less commanding" on the album. You can probably never have enough of his guitar craziness, and sometimes it is too quiet in the mix; but when it's there it's great. Also, track four steals lyrics from LL Cool J, which is interesting. Either way, it's up there with the best albums released so far this year, and you can expect to hear me play it a lot at the club.

Speaking of the club, they've started serving a new beer from Brazil called Brahma. New to Canada that is - it's been around in Brazil for years. It's pretty good. You should try it.