Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Strokes

You may or may not have already heard this, but I thought I would post it here anyway.

The Strokes have announced the Canadian dates of their current tour supporting their new album 'First Impressions Of Earth' (which, by the way, is outstanding). Anyway, they're going to be playing at the John Labatt Centre on May 10th. Yes, you read that correctly - The Strokes are going to be playing in London! That's huge!

No word yet on when tickets will go on sale or who the opening act(s) will be. The pre-sale for the Toronto show started today, so it shouldn't be too long. Because the JLC's tickets aren't sold through Ticketmaster, you'll have to get them here: You can probably expect to pay around $40, as tickets for the US shows are going for around $30. You can also expect to hear a lot of Strokes songs tomorrow night at the club.